Chrome Extension

Chrome Tips – Reading Ease

Today I offer this tip for busy web surfers. If you are using Chrome, you can install a Chrome extension that makes your job totally easy! Read more »
DevonThink 3

DevonThink 3.0 Product Review

DevonThink 3 Review Introduction When I was planning this review I had to compare my experiences with a wide range of note-keeping applications before finally declaring DevonThink the clear winner. There are... Read more »
Website Speed

Tweaking WordPress for Site Speed

The video is almost 20 minutes but it will give you a great idea of just how to tweak your WordPress site for better speeds. Read more »
Site Speed

Super Charge Your Site Speed!

I created two identical landing pages. One was on Convertri, and the other on my WordPress blog using the Socrates them and a range of plugins. Read more »
Secrets to Making Money Online

Top Secrets To Making Money Online

Everyone who is trying to make money line knows that you need a consistent volume of traffic to your site to get any decent traction. SEO experts often pitch ideas on how... Read more »